Quality Control

At Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd, we believe that customer satisfaction is our primary objective. In order to satisfy customers, we consistently strive towards production excellence through impressive quality control.
“At Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd. one of our key differentials is our Quality Management System, which we are consistently improving to continue to win customer confidence. Through this Quality Management System, we have continually made improvements towards ensuring timely delivery and hands-on service to our customers. Furthermore, through our approach to continually upgrade our technology, we have been able to smoothly handle increasing customer demand while also improving the quality of product. Another way we have ensured excellent quality control is through impressive training systems for all of our team-members. Furthermore, we are also always making improvements to our processes from an environmental perspective, which provides our customers with confidence that they are making the right decision to do business with Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd.”

-Mr. Hitesh Kachhara

(Managing Director)

Quality Control

At Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd. there is a great emphasis upon ensuring that quality control is impeccable. Our products are at the highest caliber in all departments, ranging from their appearance, functionality, finish, dependability, and the composition. Over the years, we have developed dedicated quality control measures that have ensured that our goods are of the highest caliber.

Our non-ferrous metals are procured from over 30 countries. We only use the finest quality of raw materials available. Furthermore, we ensure that only the best quality is used to manufacture our products. We have several quality control testing tools and methods in place throughout our manufacturing process to ensure that the ingots are specific to our customer’s specifications in terms of their chemical composition and physical properties.

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