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Over 15 years of experience has made us a dominant player in the industry.

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One of India’s leading Aluminium Alloy Manufacturer’s

Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd is a leading aluminium alloy manufacturer in India, with the goal of recycling and processing every commodity in the most efficient, most sustainable, most affordable method possible. Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd was established in 2005, initially with a processing capacity of merely 500 tonnes per annum. Today, Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd is one of the industry leaders in India, with a production capacity of approximately 72000 tonnes per annum. Through implementing new technology into our manufacturing plant, we are able to uphold customer satisfaction and high quality products. Furthermore, at Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd, we firmly believe in hardwork and respecting all stakeholders, which has bolstered our progress and helps us standout from other companies in this industry.

Our Mission

To process every commodity in the most efficient, cost-effective, and eco- friendly manner.

Our vision

To strive for growth through great focus and constant engagement with all stakeholders, and in turn pave the way for excellence in the aluminium recycling industry.

Our commitment

We are highly committed to customer satisfaction when it comes to our products we never compromise on quality.

why choose us

A growing and leading company that strives for excellence with a hands-on approach to technological advancements.

15+ year experience

As one of the longest standing companies in this industry, we guarantee to deliver the finest quality products and exceptional customer service to our customers

professional team

Our team of professionals have been trained extensively and have garnered vast experience in the field to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality product and exceptional customer service.

Safety of personnel

At Sunalco, we stress a great amount of importance upon our workers’ safety. Keeping our workforce safe is a top priority and we undertake several methods to do so.

Global Scale

We are currently serving clients from all over the world -- such as the United States of America and Japan, for example. We are always looking forward to creating long-lasting relations with companies from different parts of the world.

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Milestones - April 2016 Onwards

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Partner with us

In order to complete our mission and realize our vision, it is important to partner with other companies and find opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

Let's Grow With

We always welcome new talent into our company. Our aim is to build a business environment filled with knowledge and growth.

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