We are always striving to help build a future that is more sustainable and environment friendly.


Our business is founded upon striving for environmental restoration, and hence we ensure to go above and beyond when it comes to being an environmentally concious company. Through our process, we aid in ecological restoration as we procure non-ferrous scrap metal from around the world, which we further recycle to give those scrap metals a second life.

At Sunalco, we hold environmental concioussness at the forefront of our operations and goals. We have developed and installed a rainwater harvesting system in our manufacturing facility. Furthermore, we have developed and integrated an intricately planned air pollution system, which ensures that no harmful gases are released into the atmosphere.

We at Sunalco, believe that companies must be part of the solution to environmental challenges, not only by what they make, but also how they make it.

Waste Water Plant

We have developed an elaborate water wastage plant that ensures that there is a zero-discharge of wastewater from all of our processes in our factory

Compost Making Unit

We have implemented compost-making units — made out of household waste — to eliminate waste and to discharge it through a compost format, which is in line with our environmental goals.

Solar Panel

We are a forward-thinking company that understands its commitment to the environment and our customers who deeply care for the environment as well. Hence we have implemented solar panels for captive power consumption, which ensures that part of our operations are powered by solar.

Rain Water Harvesting System

An intricate rainwater harvesting system, conserves water at the factory and helps to reduce water wastage. Reducing water wastage has been key in our effort to make our operations more sustainable and eco-friendly